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  • Dr. Levine was recommended to me by 2 of his former patients that I worked for. When I met with him, he immediately made me feel so comfortable as he talked to me about my hip replacement surgery. I knew then, I was in great hands. Following surgery he visited with me to make sure I was doing ok. The nurses were absolutely wonderful! My room was so nice with a city view and a lot of sunshine. I’ll need my other hip replaced and it may sound strange but I’m so excited to have Dr. Levine do it. Thank you Dr. Levine, Stephanie, Crystal, and the entire Rush team! God Bless you all!!

  • First, Dr. Levine’s office is the most efficient I’ve experienced. Never did I wait more than five minutes at any time in any of my appointments.
    Second, my expectation of knee replacement recovery was at least three months. A week after returning home, I was walking without a walker or cane. At four weeks, I was able to play golf. At five and a half weeks, I was finished with PT. I am 68 years old.
    I will say that I did PT prescribed exercises daily for six weeks prior to surgery. Both stretching and strengthening were suggested.
    Five of my friends had similar surgeries from different doctors and none recovered nearly as quickly.
    Dr. Levine and his entire staff far exceeded my expectations on every level. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • Dr. Levine is amazing! I had a complete knee replacement on 7/9/2015 and I feel great. Dr. Levine is great, his staff is great, and Rush Hospital (my room) was like a 5 star hotel with a beautiful view. I was released the next day (I wanted to stay longer because it was really nice). My recovery went well, there is a lot of exercising and physical therapy involved that we all must do like it’s your job. I would never go to anyone else, I’ve referred so many people to go to him, including my son. He is the best!

  • Dr. Levine came into my life in 2009. He saved my life! I had seen every orthopedic office in the far west suburbs for extremely intense hip pain for which I’d been prescribed morphine. Because of my morbid obesity, none of the practitioners in the Fox Valley area would consider surgery. All the morphine did was make me sleepy and more depressed. I decided to consult Midwest Orthopedics figuring if the sports teams trusted them, I would see if they would have another solution. Dr. Levine Informed me of the additional risks and potentially a shorter lifespan of my new hip. I decided to go through with the surgery. I was up and walking the morning after surgery with so much less pain than I had lived with for the previous two years; that I climbed two flights of stairs that first day. You may not feel that way the first day, but my life was born anew, and I wanted to get moving again. I do not believe you’ll find a finer surgeon, or lifesaver anywhere!

  • I had a hip replacement which resulted in many complications and a serious case of MRSA. I was devastated; but I transferred to Rush and Dr. Levine took my difficult case. I give him credit for saving my leg. With Dr. Levine’s care and expertise I now am fine and have a new outlook on life. It took awhile, but Dr. Levine was with me all the way. I cannot say enough good things about the positive support I received from him and his staff. My questions were answered in a timely manner and I never had a problem reaching help. He always REALLY listens. Dr. Levine is one of the most honest, caring, patient and excellent physicians I know. I trust him implicitly and would highly recommend him.

  • I Live in Las Vegas when I discovered that I was having problems with both my knees. I checked the rating of different hospital as to knee surgery.
    I learned that Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush was one of the top rated.
    I contacted Midwest and arranged and appointment with Dr. Brett Levine.
    After my appointment with him my knee operation was scheduled for October 2013.
    After the operation and therapy, my knee felt so much better that I couldn’t wait for my second knee operation.
    The operation on the second knee took place on March 20,2014.
    Again after the operation and therapy both knees were in better condition than before.
    My hat off to Dr. Brett Levine and his staff, Crystal Wesockes and Emily Stouffer. For their skills and dedication.

  • Hello, My name is Sylvio Carfo. I am 83 years old. When I first experienced my pain over 17 months ago and realized I was bone-on-bone. I was told by a doctor that because of my age and my health concerns, I was not a candidate for surgery. I would most likely die on the operating table or within a few months of surgery. I was told continue with therapy to strengthen my muscles to support my hip.
    This became harder for me to do. The pain became more severe. Every day tasks were becoming impossible, I couldn’t sleep in bed and life was no longer enjoyable. I then met Dr. Levine. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to know that Dr. Levine was going to do my hip replacement surgery.
    Dr. Levine had a wonderful bedside manner, he took the time to discuss the procedure and answer the many questions me and my wife and children had asked him as well. He was kind, compassionate and concerned.. Well, to cut to the chase, I had my surgery and it was a complete success!! I am continuing to get stronger with each and every day.
    Dr. Levine gave me a chance at life again. Dr. Levine is an incredibly talented an professional surgeon, and I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back! I was well as my wife and children will be FOREVER thankful to Dr. Levine!! Thank you, Sylvio Carfo and Family.

  • Being a dancer and gymnast since the age of seven being active is an understatement … So when out of the blue one day walking to the store my pain in my hip took me down to my knees I was horrified. As the days went on the pain only worsened and surgery was my only option… Having just recovered from back surgery I was of course terrified! My first visit with Dr. Levine and his staff my me feel hopeful and his conversation about what would take place and my positive recovery outlook was so important to me. In the recovery days that followed I was determined to once again get on the mountain trails that were such a passion of my husbands and mine. The training I planned for myself required constant dedication and many hours of early mornings and sore muscles! Like the dancer and gymnast I once was …
    Nothing good comes easy…. So in the years and months that have past. I strap on my Fitbit at 4.30 in the morning and my day starts there…
    I am now up to 40.000 steps every other day and the soreness has mostly disappeared!! Some days harder than others but going into that operating room that Friday morning, two years ago I never would have dreamed I would be able to accomplish what I can do today!!
    I am so thankful for how attentive everyone was and I felt, truly cared for!!
    When I am in the mountains on those beautiful hikes … I just whisper thanks to all of you… Thank you so much!!

  • I had my left knee replaced in August of 2010 and my Right knee replaced in March 2011. It was the best thing I have ever done. I felt better the next day. Having this done was a very scary thing. When I met Dr. Levine, he made me feel at ease from the very first moment. He told me what had to be done, and this would be the hardest thing I ever had to do. He and his office prepared me for what to expect with the surgery and the recovery. The physical therapy was hard work, but by doing the work I can walk and mover better now than I have in years. I can’t say enough good things about this man and his staff. I personally know 3 people that have had knee replacement that did not have the same results as I did. I attribute it to the care that I received. And the fear they put in me of how important it is to follow the instructions for physical therapy. LOL With all kidding aside I believe that my recovery went so well because I know I had Dr. Levine with me every step of the way. I never felt rushed when I was with him. I never felt I asked a stupid question. And I never doubted he always had my best interest in mind while as my doctor.

  • Dr. Levine – You’ve been on my mind since Easter. March was the anniversary of my second knee replacement. This Easter not only did I stand for the whole fire vigil and Exsultet, but also assisted with hospitality. I’ve been running through airports, changing planes, standing in ticket/security lines, and so on. None of that would have been possible without my new knees, and when those of us who have had the same procedure we compare stories and I always marvel at the problems I did not have. Thanks for doing a great job and getting me on my feet again so well. I hope you know you are blessed!

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