Hip and Knee Surgeons Collaborating at Co-Branded Meeting in China

The 11th Congress of Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (CAOS) in Hangzhou, China featured a co-branded program with AAHKS with Richard H. Rothman, MD, PhD and Yan Wang, MD serving as Chairs and Quoqiang Zhang serving as Executive Chair. The program included numerous American and Chinese surgeons discussing a wide array of topics in both a lecture and small panel question and answer format. Specific lectures addressed management of dysplastic hips, perioperative optimization of patients, femoral and acetabular revision principles, biomaterial properties of acetabular components and practice management pearls. The program appeared to be a great success with outstanding discussions amongst the moderators, panel members and attendees.

The day was filled with stimulating discussions featuring differing opinions amongst the CAOS and AAHKS members. Significant attention was focused on bearing surfaces for total hip arthroplasty, single vs. two-stage procedures for infection and overall management of bony defects in revision hip and knee arthroplasty. It was a wonderful collaboration between the two organizations that culminated in a high-tech opening ceremony, followed by a night out in Hangzhou to witness the Impression West Lake Show.

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