• Highlights of the 2019 American Joint Replacement Registry Annual Report

    The 2019 American Joint Replacement Registry shows continued growth in cases and data recorded. There are several trends noted in the registry that have been highlighted in this brief communication. More granular data collection is projected for future reports that may shed light on specific procedure and device survivorship and patient-reported outcomes.

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  • The best way to manage joint pain is also the least intuitive: Keep active

    An array of strategies are available for treating joint pain, ranging from physical therapy to pain medications, injections and surgery, but one of the most effective ways to manage joint discomfort is one that can seem counterintuitive: Keep moving.

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  • Why You Feel Your Knee Giving Out

    The symptom of a knee giving out is most often due to a ligament injury. The knee is held together by ligaments, structures that connect two bones. There are four major and many secondary ones. The sensation of instability—the feeling of your knee giving out—is often due to an injury to at least one of them, which leads to the bones not being held tightly enough in position.

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  • What to know about hip and leg pain

    Hip and leg pain can make it difficult and painful to take part in daily activities. There are many possible causes of hip and leg pain.

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  • Transplanting Fat Cells: Relieving Knee Pain

    It’s a never-ending pain, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp, accompanied by stiffness and loss of mobility. Fourteen million people suffer from arthritis in the knee. New numbers show that one out of 12 adults over the age of 25 will have a knee replacement sometime during their lifetime. But one new treatment is hoping to delay a replacement and take the pain away by transplanting fat cells.

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